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Who is the Springer family?

Hayden and Emma Springer welcomed their daughter Sage into the world on October 1, 2020. Sage had been diagnosed with Trisomy 18 just shy of 26 weeks gestation. Despite their desire to support their daughter's life after birth, they had been told by medical professionals they believed they could trust that doing so would only "prolong Sage's suffering." Their local children's hospital informed the Springers that they were not willing to offer Sage medical intervention after birth. Hayden and Emma brought Sage home with hospice care and were thankful for every moment her heart continued to beat. After weeks of Sage growing in size and defying odds, Hayden and Emma knew they had to seek out another opinion. They took Sage for a consultation, where the team at Dell Children's in Austin, TX said they would be willing to perform the life saving operations that Sage needed. Just 2 weeks later, the Springers drove 200 miles to Austin, TX where they would live for 2.5 months while Sage was hospitalized. 

So how was the Springer Family Foundation born?

Hayden plays golf professionally and he and Emma have always dreamed of creating a non-profit organization with the platform professional golf would bring him. Sage's birth gave them a purpose and a community that they knew they would want to help. While they thought this organization was years away from inception...Hayden qualified for the 2021 U.S. Open and features about their family through media like the Golf Channel found them overwhelmed with people that wanted to help. Hayden and Emma knew they had been covered in generosity of their family and friends, but saw this as an opportunity to create the organization they had always imagined, to give back to their communities and help others in their position. The Springers feel blessed to support the community that has offered them so much support over the course of Sage's life. They look forward to empowering parents to advocate for their child's needs without any reservations. 

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